In New Zealand we are fortunate to have a number of great real estate resources to review when looking to buy a home, sell a home or just looking for general information. The best real estate websites in New Zealand focus on different markets and are brought to us by both government departments and private companies

Trademe Property

Property Directory NZ - Trademe – topping the best real estate websites list is one of New Zealand’s largest and most established websites. Trademe Property was launched in 2005 and quickly became the go-to place for property buyers to search for property. Trademe property is known for having top Apple and Android apps and the number one place real estate agents and private sellers list their property for sale.

Property Directory NZ - is another major listings site in New Zealand and is the main competitor to trademe property. Some prefer the service due to the filtering options and the easy to use interface as well as catering to rural and business listings. 


Property Directory NZ - Open2View began as a real estate photography service. They take photos for a lot of the major real estate agencies in New Zealand. They have recently launched their own real estate listings website that showcases many of the same properties that trademe and show. 

Hou Garden

Property Directory NZ - Hou Garden is targeted at the Chinese market and those who are able to purchase without OIO permission. Most listings found on other major New Zealand websites can also be found on Hou Garden, however the presented to appeal to the Chinese buyers. 

The Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ)

Property Directory NZ - REINZ is the governing body for real estate agents in New Zealand. Here you can find the real estate agent registry similar to the agency directory here. If you have questions about the rules governing real estate agents in NZ, you can check the full legislation and guides there as well as useful tips and articles. 


Property Directory NZ - Sorted is brought to us by the government funded Commission for Financial Capability. offers finance and money guides for New Zealanders including their very useful buying a home guide as well as general saving, retirement and kids finance guides. They also provide mortgage calculators free of charge. 

Settled rounds out the best real estate websites list. Settled is a NZ government funded website by the Real Estate Authority (REA). You can find guides on buying and selling, legal rights, quizzes and checklists. The easy to follow guides and the first point of call for many New Zealanders embarking on the home buying or selling journey. 

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